A Simple Test for On-Brand Content

People typically associate branding with visual identity. But what about content? How often do you consider whether content is effectively on-brand? Do you consider your brand when writing articles, blog posts and tweets? What about when taking photos or creating videos, podcasts and presentations? On Fast Company, Martin Lindstrom challenges people to test their brand by removing the logo from their web pages. Does whatever remains adequately describe your brand? This is a clever, simple exercise for evaluating whether your content is on-brand. Does your website stand the test?

Okay, still hiding the brand logo, eyeball your copy, your graphics, whether your pages are spare or dense-looking. Do all these things convey what your brand represents? Does your brand have a personality anymore, or is it standing shyly and stiffly against the wall, hoping no one notices it now looks (I hate to tell you) like every other brand out there?

Source: How to Build an Unforgettable, “Smashable” Brand Identity (Hint: It’s Not the Logo) by Martin Lindstrom, Fast Company, April 11, 2011

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