Don’t Forget the Fundamentals

Last fall, we interviewed some smart people about the future of public relations in higher ed. (This Thursday, one of those people, Andrew Careaga, will discuss the topic further as a guest on Higher Ed Live.) But while much about how we practice public relations and media relations in higher ed keeps evolving at a rapid pace, there are certain fundamentals that remain unchanged.

Davina Gould, director of publications and online communications at Stetson University College of Law, reminds us of three core principles that continue to shape our work, regardless of which way the social winds blow.

Core to any professional communicator’s craft is the ability to write, edit and verbalize concise, cogent messages in a way that’s relevant to their target audience.

Source: How social media hasn’t changed #highered PR by Davina Gould, graduate/professional school marketing, Apr. 16, 2012

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