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Picture this: fresh haircut, new outfit, big date… and you’ve got spinach caught between your teeth. Kind of ruins the mood, doesn’t it? That’s what it’s like when a typo or other grammatical miscue ruins otherwise well-planned and well-executed content.

Davina Y. Gould, director of publications and online communications at Stetson University College of Law, reminds us of some common errors—and the value of a sharp editor.

What other errors are common to higher education web content?

Hosting a “first annual” event. There’s no such thing. There are “first” or “inaugural” events, both of which imply that there will be subsequent events. However, you can’t have an “annual” event until it is held two consecutive years.

Source: Higher Editing: Eliminate these common errors by Davina Y. Gould,, Graduate/Professional School Marketing, Sept. 22, 2011

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  1. I see this one from my student bloggers ALL the time. Prospective vs perspective students.

  2. Good analogy of having spinach in your teeth. Thanks for the mention!

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