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When I spoke about content curation at last year’s HighEdWeb conference, it was a fresh concept. But in the past year, higher ed has picked up the baton and run with it, integrating the thoughtful curation of content created by students, alumni and other audiences into our marketing and communications efforts.

.eduGuru’s Mike Petroff recently examined how a handful of universities (including my own!) employed content curation to cover the start of the fall semester. One of the tools that has proven popular in aiding curation efforts is Storify, an easy-to-use interface for building social media narratives. (I recently blogged about Tufts’ use of Storify for my department’s blog.) As Petroff explains, the content we gain via curation uniquely captures milestone events such as move-in.

The excitement exuded by the new students is undeniable when they finally arrive. Many schools are now using social media to connect new students before these events, open up conversation between current students and alumni, and share coverage of orientation activities. … But, how do you curate that great social content and conversation from your events into a readable format for the masses?

Source: Social Media Curation for Higher Ed Events by Mike Petroff, .eduGuru, Oct. 3, 2011

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