Information Is Not Inherently Useful or Usable

A common perception in higher ed is that the role of content owners is to simply publish information. If it’s on the website, they’ve done their job. How many times have you been told, "Well, did you look on our website? It’s there"?

As part of a collection of humorous cartoons on content challenges, Bruce Ryan of 4 Syllables highlights the importance of content owners, contributors and publishers taking responsibility for conveying information. Information is not inherently useful, usable, findable or relevant. It’s our job to make that happen.

Just checking off all the entries in our new glossary. Once we get this online our users can stop complaining that they don’t understand us.

Source: Cartoons on web content strategy by Bruce Ryan, 4 Syllables, 2010

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About Rick Allen

Rick Allen has worked in higher education for over twelve years, helping to shape web communications and content strategy. As principal of ePublish Media, Inc, a web publishing and content strategy consultancy in Boston, Mass., Rick works with knowledge-centric organizations to create and sustain effective web content. Keep going »

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