Perception Measures and Content ROI

On the topic of content measurement and ROI, we typically think web analytics and business-driven analysis. But how do we measure the impact of our content on our users? Content strategist Daniel Eizans calls these "perception measures".

This type of qualitative analysis is important if we aim to understand how and in what context our content best meets users’ needs. In his post, Eizans breaks down the types of perception measures, relating satisfaction to site experience, task completion, content quality, and other factors.

“Perception measures” are rarely done and incredibly valuable. Do you have good examples of this work being completed at your institution via surveys or other methods?

Site perception (satisfaction score) in its most basic of form is a user’s critique of the overall quality of the site’s content. So it follows that a clear understanding of perception will provide us with the best qualitative data needed to adjust our site/content/brand to be more contextually relevant for users.

Source: Metrics, Strategy and Getting More Satisfaction by Daniel Eizans, Oct. 11, 2011.

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