Prioritize: Less Content, More Action

This week, Tim Nekritz, director of web communication and associate director of public affairs at SUNY Oswego, discussed the need for less talk and more action with web content.

In the process of revising the SUNY Oswego Admissions page, he pared down the existing content. He focused only on essential admissions information and included a compelling video describing the SUNY Oswego experience.

Nekritz’s revisions are a good example of prioritizing web content. What is most important for Admissions to convey and what do visitors most want to know?

As Mary Beth Kurilko, one of the brighter minds in web writing, likes to say: If the opposite is ridiculous, why write it? Do any of our competitor schools NOT have outstanding professors, a range of academic programs and a desire to help students succeed? So perhaps this writing has always been cliche.

Source: admissions page makeover: less talk, more action. by Tim Nekritz, Sept. 14, 2011.

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