Prioritize User Goals, Again

Measurement plans often focus on the website, including content and design. Seems logical at first, except your website is only part of the measurement equation. The other parts consist of your business goals and users’ needs. As those elements change, so does the effectiveness of your web content and design.

Louis Rosenfeld, coauthor of Information Architecture for the World Wide Web, posted a handy scorecard for prioritizing and evaluating website user goals.

Systems like Rosenfeld’s are helpful for re-evaluating the purpose of your website for users — what they want and need and how you plan for it.

One reason sites suck is that so many of us have forgotten why our sites exist. We get distracted, lose sight of priorities, and end up with sites that don’t do the most important things users want.

Source: Sweat the important things by Louis Rosenfeld,, May 18, 2011

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