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Georgy Cohen is director of online content at Suffolk University and principal of Crosstown Digital Communications LLC, a consultancy focused on helping institutions of higher education tell their stories on the web. From 2004 to 2011, she worked at Tufts University, where she led the university’s forays into multimedia, social media and online news. Keep going »


  1. Larry Ross says:

    The quality of your video’s picture is important, but probably not as important as the quality of the sound.

    Fuzzy, shaky videos are “OK” if the content is there. Sometimes, an unprofessional look can be more convincing that a polished one (from the “Corporation”). But muffled or low sound that strains the ear will result in viewers to abandon the clip.

    So take a moment and attach a lapel microphone to your video camera. They cost less than $40 and are worth it.

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