Storytelling on Facebook

Yes, Facebook’s rollout of Timeline for brand pages has gotten an incredible amount of ink. Err, pixels. Whatever. It’s gotten a lot of attention.

As challenging as it can be to figure out yet another Facebook change, Timeline does offer some compelling ways to use Facebook to tell our brand story. By emphasizing an organization’s history, Timeline allows us to demonstrate our brand identity as something that has been true and enduring over time, not a marketing ploy or tagline of the moment. We can open up about who we are, who we’ve been and where we’re going. We can position content (through pinning) that most effectively tells that story, and use the large images Timeline favors to drive that story home.

Content marketing is all about storytelling, and the timeline allows businesses to share some of their history (including historic photos, documents, and company milestones) with the public in a way they might not have done before. This gives people a glimpse into what businesses are all about and helps build a deeper relationship between companies and consumers.

Source: How to Tell Your Brand Story through the New Facebook Timeline by Debbie Williams, Content Marketing Institute, March 14, 2012

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