About Georgy Cohen

Georgy Cohen is associate creative director, content strategy, at OHO Interactive in Cambridge, Mass.. Prior to OHO, she worked with a range of higher ed institutions, including stints at Tufts University and Suffolk University and as an independent consultant, on content strategy and digital communication initiatives. Keep going »


  1. [...]  http://meetcontent.com/blog/structured-content-an-overview/ [...]

  2. [...] discovery came through through learning how to use HTML5. That got me even more intrigued by structured content, responsive web design, outliners, and adaptive [...]

  3. [...] wird strukturiert, damit er auf verschiedene Art für diverse Plattformen kombiniert werden [...]

  4. [...] Structured (with the help of HTML5 and other semantic tools) so it can be combined in different ways for different platforms. [...]

  5. […] them into small and easier to read paragraphs. The Internet is widely available at any time and most people read blogs on handheld devices. These devices typically have a smaller screen and therefore your website should be easily read on […]

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