Survey: A Look at Content Strategy in Higher Education

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Knowledge is power. Take our survey!

Since the launch of Meet Content, we’ve been gratified to see the conversation around content strategy in higher education continue to evolve. More institutions are taking their web content seriously, and that makes us pretty psyched.

But how can we quantify this progress? And how can we identify areas where we can still do better? Data can tell a powerful story.

With that in mind, we present our inaugural survey looking at content strategy in practice within higher education. This survey aims to gauge how deeply the principles of content strategy have penetrated our day-to-day work, learn more about the individuals (that’s you!) putting those principles into practice, and see just how higher ed embraces the discipline.

The survey will be open through August 5, and we will publish the results during the week of August 12 — just in time to provide some food for thought heading into the new academic year. Thanks in advance for your participation and for sharing this post with your peers — the more input we have, the more meaningful the results will be.

The survey is now closed. We will publish the results the week of August 12.

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About Georgy Cohen

Georgy Cohen is associate creative director, content strategy, at OHO Interactive in Cambridge, Mass.. Prior to OHO, she worked with a range of higher ed institutions, including stints at Tufts University and Suffolk University and as an independent consultant, on content strategy and digital communication initiatives. Keep going »


  1. Cool – looking forward to the results of this survey! We are in transition in my department (in the midst of moving the Libraries’ website into Drupal – yay), so I had to answer some of the questions as best I could – generally tried to answer with what we’re moving towards, when that seemed applicable. I did check that we have a style guide; actually what we have is about 2/3 of a style guide, currently sitting open on my workstation waiting for me to get back to working on it. :)

  2. Kerri Hicks says:

    I’d make a case that content strategy is not something you can “train” someone to do. We have gotten to the point of working one-on-one with content providers, and it is a very rare occasion that they are able to internalize and buy into the notion of strategic content. Learning the value of content strategy — and implementing it as a process — takes a complex set of skills, and ongoing mentorship. I keep hearing about how we should “train” people to do things…but with something as complex as this, I don’t think training is enough.

  3. Mary Jane says:

    Folks! Isn’t this page an example of ROT!? Outdated material — where’s the link to the survey results?

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