Defining Authentic Content

"Be authentic" is popular advice for using social media. But this attribute is not only applicable to social media content. All web content needs authenticity. So what does that mean? How does that requirement fit within a content strategy? How do you plan for authenticity? In a video interview with host Erik Michielsen of Capture Your Flag, Simon Sinek provides the most tangible description and defined value of authenticity I've … [Read more...]

A Simple Test for On-Brand Content

People typically associate branding with visual identity. But what about content? How often do you consider whether content is effectively on-brand? Do you consider your brand when writing articles, blog posts and tweets? What about when taking photos or creating videos, podcasts and presentations? On Fast Company, Martin Lindstrom challenges people to test their brand by removing the logo from their web pages. Does whatever remains adequately … [Read more...]

13 Tips for a Good Interview (and Thus, a Great Story)

Sometimes, finding a good story isn’t the problem. You could be innocently sitting at your desk, sneaking in a play on Facebook Scrabble, when you get a new email. Why, it’s from the academic dean, and he just wanted to let you know about this student who is not only first chair trombone in the local symphony orchestra, but has also not allowed a goal in net all season as the lacrosse team’s goalie and has logged 250 hours of community service … [Read more...]