Taking Care of Harvard Business

It’s always nice to see higher education content initiatives getting some attention from the broader content strategy community. The latest institution in the spotlight is Harvard Business School, and they’re doing a lot of things right.

Their content creation is driven by stories — sourced from the campus population, refined by the marketing communications staff and published across multiple platforms. Content creators find resources and support through clearly crafted guidelines and a campus content group (which, of course, we love).

They also shape their content and social media efforts around institutional goals, such as associating Harvard Business School more closely with the entrepreneurial scene. Smart.

As Harvard Business School chief marketing and communications officer Brian Kenny told writer Emmet Cole:

Our job is to animate the mission of the school through stories about the impact that our teachers, faculty, students, and alumni are having in the world. Sometimes that plays out in the form of developing content – the ‘content’ to my mind is really just a method of storytelling.

Source: Harvard Business School’s Content Strategy Is All About Storytelling by Emmet Cole, Contently, March 13, 2012

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