Talk About the Passion

While user-generated content is not a magic bullet for an effective content strategy, it is pretty nice to have in the arsenal. But what actually makes user-generated content work?

As content marketing expert Joe Pulizzi explains, using LEGO as an example, the most fundamental building block for successful user-generated content is passion—when people love you so much, they can’t help but tell the world about it. How have you capitalized on the passion of your community to support your content goals? If the passion isn’t there, how else have you gotten them involved?

LEGO has something that many brands don’t—customers who are truly passionate about the brand. Brands that have loyal fans like LEGO can and should find ways to engage user participation in online content. So, if this kind of passion isn’t present in your brand or products (think Coca-Cola or Harley Davidson) are you out of luck? Luckily no, but you might have to do it a different way.

Source: The Biggest Mistake in User-Generated Content (Learning from LEGO) by Joe Pulizzi, Junta42, April 12, 2011

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