The Future of Content Strategy In Five Minutes

Last week I attended and had the pleasure of speaking at the Content Strategy Forum in London. It was an amazing conference chock-full of web content professionals helping to move the industry forward.

One of my favorite moments of the event was a series of "lightning talks"—by Shelly Wilson, Matthew Grocki, Nicole Jones, and Sara Wachter-Boettcher—discussing the future of content strategy. Each of them crammed tons of great ideas into five-minute talks.

Creating Responsive Content from the Bottom Up – by Shelly Wilson

Responsive states could render beautifully at all scales, but may not meet the user’s informational needs at all scales…it might be responsive, but it’s certainly not responsible.

Content Strategy: No Longer Just a Marketing Initiative – by Matthew Grocki

Content needs to be an organizational agenda. This isn’t a marketing problem. This isn’t a developmental problem. This is an entire company-wide problem.

The Intentional Strategist – by Nicole Jones

We need to focus…Focus means saying no to great ideas for even better ones.

A New Breed of Content Strategist – by Sara Wachter-Boettcher

We need structure…message alone—great message, great brand, great voice—that’s going to get lost if the container that it’s in is outdated and broken. And I think that’s what is happening as the web is sort of shifting around our content.

Source: Jonathan Kahn on Vimeo from Content Strategy Forum in London, September 5, 2011.

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