This Must Be the Place

Location-based services (LBS), writes Leen Jones, offer a powerful way to take our content marketing on the road, engaging users with content that is relevant to their physical location. Rick wrote last month about the importance of planning for the context in which content is consumed, and LBS is a prime example. She cites North Carolina State University’s customized location-based service On Campus as an example of this, helping members of the community discover both the place they inhabit and one another. But, as Jones explains, location-based services demand the same amount of attention to our content, while making adjustments for its new geosocial context.

Before you jump into a location-based service, remember planning content is key. As with a website, you must have the right content ready. And, you have to be prepared to maintain the content over time.

Source: Take Your Content on Location with Location-Based Services by Leen Jones, Content Marketing Institute, May 4, 2011

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