What .edu Can Learn From .gov

In the web world, higher ed is often compared to government, and the comparison is not always flattering — crippling bureaucracy, committee hell, lack of funds and resources, the list goes on. So it is heartening to learn that smart content strategy can be achieved in the .gov domain.

Erin Scime of HUGE recently detailed her work on the redesign of the Department of Energy’s website, Energy.gov. The project sports many parallels to the ones we often find ourselves facing in higher ed, and Scime asserts the value that content strategy lent to overall digital strategy for the agency. And what does she identify as two key factors behind the project’s success? Willingness to take a risk and centralized oversight.

We had to rethink how a massive governmental body would need to shift in mindset to be able to publish content to both niche and general audiences.

Source: Energy.gov: A Content Strategy Case Study by Erin Scime, Dope Data, Aug. 4, 2011

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About Georgy Cohen

Georgy Cohen is associate creative director, content strategy, at OHO Interactive in Cambridge, Mass.. Prior to OHO, she worked with a range of higher ed institutions, including stints at Tufts University and Suffolk University and as an independent consultant, on content strategy and digital communication initiatives. Keep going »


  1. Personnellement, je ne connais pas vraiment les sites de types gov alors pour l’instant je n’ai pas mon mots à dire si bien que je préfère toujours les sites classiques d’avant.

  2. Je me promène souvent sur le web et j’ai pu acquérir des informations sur les sites gov. En effet, c’est l’un des sites les plus connus en termes de sécurité et confidentialité.

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