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Making Content Strategy Work with Student Staff (Part One)

Content strategy in higher ed can be a gnarly, complex pursuit, and more often than not, we may feel we don’t have the staff to adequately take on the challenge. This is where student workers can prove invaluable. But how can we apply the time and talent of students—some of whom may only be with us for a semester, or only for a few hours a week—toward content strategy work, which is inherently long-range, in-depth and holistic? We talked to … [Read more...]

Planning Content for Online Programs

For many students, campus is no longer a bucolic, tree-lined quad—it’s the nearest web browser. The face of higher education is changing, thanks to the boom of online learning programs—from traditional campuses introducing online degree programs to new, online-only institutions. As these programs and institutions have emerged, they have had to find creative ways to not only market themselves to a range of prospective students, but to … [Read more...]

Content Strategy: The Case for Collaboration

During our webinar last week, Georgy and I talked about content strategy as change management—how content strategy can provide a framework for making positive changes with your organization. While discussing the current unchanging landscape in higher ed, one issue that topped the list was collaboration. Really? We're Still Talking About Silos?   This week, a colleague said in a moment of exasperation, "When will we stop talking … [Read more...]

Covering Move-In: A Discussion

It's that time of the year again, when the sounds of rolling suitcases, idling car engines, greetings and goodbyes resonate across campus. That's right, for many of us, it's move-in time. In addition to returning students, we've got freshmen and transfer students arriving on campus, wide-eyed and wondering what the next few years will bring. Move-in presents a rich opportunity to create powerful content. There are many stories to be told -- … [Read more...]

A Content-First Approach to Your Events Calendar

Ah, the events calendar. One of the most ubiquitous components of a university website, and often one of the most confounding. From wrestling with feeds and technical configurations to simply getting people to use the darned thing, a calendar can be a headache. Time to schedule some Excedrin. With the right approach, though, that headache can become a valuable asset. An events calendar is not just a software application, after all—it’s a rich … [Read more...]