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Higher Ed Rocks Confab: Web Governance at Normandale

Normandale Community College

On the second day of Confab, Normandale Community College's Lynne Figg took the stage to talk about how her college undertook a web governance initiative to address content ownership and quality issues. We interviewed Figg and colleagues Mary Krugerud and Matthew Crawford about the project: Below is our Storify of tweets from the session: [View the story "Normandale Community College Case Study: How governance changed our website" on … [Read more...]

Higher Ed Takeaways From Confab: The Content Strategy Conference 2012

Layered cake.

Last week, Meet Content attended the second annual meeting of Confab: The Content Strategy Conference. It was another three sweet days of killer content and cake. Yep, still plenty of cake (and related puns). Higher ed had an even larger stake in the conference than it did last year (check out our higher ed Confab 2012 Twitter list). Plus, there were two great higher ed talks which we’ll cover in-depth tomorrow (stay tuned!). Our friends at … [Read more...]

Case in Point: Content Strategy at N.C. State

Tim Jones

Learning the principles behind creating and sustaining effective web content is important, but it’s always helpful to see how someone else has put them into practice. With that in mind, we reached out to Tim Jones, executive creative director at North Carolina State University, to talk about how he is using content strategy at his institution. Jones came to content strategy through journalism, working as a newspaper reporter for almost a year … [Read more...]

Accessibility Considerations for Web Content

Accessibility word cloud

Our top concerns in planning web content should be our goals, message and audience. What are we saying, who are we saying it to, and why? But with regard to our audience, we also need to consider the “how.” What devices are they using the view the content? Do they have limitations in perceiving certain content, such as visual or rich media? How do we publish content in a way that makes it available to the full range of our audience? When … [Read more...]

Content With Purpose: Ready, Set, Action!

Movie slateboard

What defines quality content? Does it communicate clearly? Does it attract new users? Does it engage current users? It can and should do all those things, but to what end? Ultimately, content should inspire action. On Meet Content, we talk a lot about purposeful content — goal-driven content for users and publishers alike. I think that's an idea most people can buy into. However, when you start talking about user actions, content contributors … [Read more...]