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Trying to wrangle your content? Meet Content can help you get on track. We’ve built our careers on communications and content strategy in higher ed. We’d love to work with you!

Content Strategy Services

  • Digital content strategy
  • Branding and communications strategy
  • User research
  • Competitive analysis
  • Content analysis
  • Content measurement
  • Editorial strategy
  • Copywriting and news writing
  • Information architecture
  • Content guides and templates
  • Content workflow and governance
  • Custom workshops

Content Assessment Services

Not sure where to start? Start small and think big! We offer content assessment services to help you understand content problems and possible solutions.

Website content audit

We can conduct a complete or partial content audit for your website to help you understand what content you have and if it measures up against your content and communication goals, including branding, readability, and findability.

Content management system (CMS) assessment

Looking to replace or improve your website CMS? Our CMS assessment service will empower you to make smart decisions about CMS features and functionality that are needed to support your stakeholders and content strategy.

Content governance assessment

Having trouble managing your content strategy? By evaluating roles, processes, documentation and training, we can determine the strength of your current content strategy and governance model. You will learn what needs to be improved and what, if any, additional planning you need to make your content governance succeed.

Social media content audit

How do your social media channels support your content and communications goals? Our social media content audit will provide and analysis and recommendations for making your social media support your content strategy.

News content evaluation

How well is your news and PR content serving your communication goals? We’ll evaluate your news content and editorial processes and provide recommendations for positive change.

Training webinars and workshops

Having a hard time getting people on the same page about website goals? Need to jump-start your content strategy? Our customized workshop and training services will empower your team to create and sustain content that works.

Content strategy 101

Learn the fundamentals of content strategy and how to begin making positive change.

Web writing and publishing

Learn how to create and publish web content that is useful, usable, findable, and on-brand.

Effective content measurement

This in-depth workshop explains how to create a measurement plan using web analytics — as well as an introduction to qualitative content measurement, including user research.

Social media strategy and publishing best practices

Learn how to develop a goal-driven and meaningful social media strategy, including best practices for social media content.

Digital storytelling

Whether it be your website or your Facebook page, storytelling is an essential method of communication. Learn how to communicate your story online.

Website editorial style guide development and implementation

An editorial style guide is a how-to guide for creating and sustaining content at your institution. Learn how to create an editorial style guide that is useful and usable, meeting the needs of both trained content creators and administrative assistants for whom content isn’t always the highest priority.