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As you may know, we have lots to say about content. But the more we work to elevate the discussion of content strategy in higher ed, the more we discover the extraordinary work being done by you, our readers. And we want to hear more about it.

So we’re inviting the Meet Content community to submit blog post proposals and share the great work you’re doing. Interested? Let’s talk.

Over the next few months, your guest posts will be particularly valuable, as the half of our crew named Georgy Cohen is expecting a baby at the beginning of April. That means she’ll be away for a little while, raising the next higher ed content strategy superstar. Blog posts make great story time reading, don’t you think?

What We’re Looking For

Generally speaking, we like our posts to feature informed insights that can help readers understand a content strategy process or approach. In particular, we’re looking for case studies from experiences at your institution.

EDIT, 3/5/2013: A couple of additional notes: 1) We are seeking previously unpublished work 2) If you are with a vendor, we’d love to hear from you as well, preferably in partnership with a client institution.

Some suggested topics include (but are not limited to):

  • A content-first approach to CMS selection and/or implementation
  • Planning for photo and video content
  • Taxonomy and web publishing
  • Content training and how to do it well
  • Internal communications: challenges and opportunities
  • Specialized content types (e.g., HR, IT, PR, Alumni Relations)
  • Goal-driven social media content
  • Interdisciplinary content projects

If your job title doesn’t have the word “content” or “communications” in it, don’t worry. We want to hear from anyone working on the web in higher ed who has something to say about content. Designer? Developer? Librarian? We’d love to hear your perspective.

Let’s Hear It!

Ready? Submit a guest blog post proposal. Please include:

  • A brief abstract (75-100 words)
  • Links to any relevant sources, examples, and references
  • One or more links to previously published writing

Meet Content would be nothing without you, and we’re excited to welcome your voices onto our blog. So let’s hear them!

Photo by spcummings / Flickr Creative Commons.

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About Rick Allen and Georgy Cohen

Rick Allen has worked in higher education for over twelve years, helping to shape web communications and content strategy. As principal of ePublish Media, a web publishing consultancy in Boston, Mass., Rick works with knowledge-centric organizations to create and sustain effective web content.

Georgy Cohen is associate creative director, content strategy, at OHO Interactive, a digital agency based in the Boston area. Previously, she worked in content roles at Tufts University, Suffolk University, and her independent consultancy to higher ed, Crosstown Digital Communications.


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