Content Strategy Aid for Financial Aid

For students and their families, financial aid is potentially one of the biggest sources of stress and concern. If we can make any aspect of this complex process easier, we should — and that includes the web experience.

At this year’s eduWeb conference, J. Todd Bennett and Adam Forrand of decimal152 broke down the process they went through to overhaul the Ithaca College Student Financial Services Website. They took the website down to the brass tacks and developed a user-centric rethinking of the content and site organization, taking into account everything from technical concerns prompted by organizational change within the college to talking to parents and students about how financial aid information provided by colleges affects enrollment decisions.

A case study about making a departmental website better through user research, information architecture, content strategy, design and teamwork.

Source: Below the fold: Architecting a mission-critical department website by J. Todd Bennett and Adam Forrand, decimal152, Aug. 2, 2011

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