The People That You Meet Each Day

In higher ed, any content worth its salt is going to convey some sense of the life on campus, whether it’s student experience and an active research community. And that sense of life often boils down to people and their stories. Who are the people—real people, mind you, not stock photos and composite sketches—who make our campuses come alive?

We can tell these stories well through profiles, both written and audio-visual. But what about embracing the stories they are already telling about themselves? What about recognizing that the members of our community are the co-author of our brand story and finding ways to integrate their content into our brand storytelling? mStoner’s Mallory Wood talked about her work doing this at St. Michael’s College at HighEdWeb last year.

In a recent blog post, Tippingpoint Lab’s Drew Davis illustrates this well with an example from the consumer world.

How can you introduce your audience to the people that make your products possible? How can you create a personal relationship between your brand, your employees and the customers you serve?

You need to ask yourself if there’s a disconnect between what you say you do and what you ACTUALLY do. You need to introduce your audience to the people that power your brand.

Source: Who are the people that power your brand? by Drew Davis, Tippingpoint Labs, May 2, 2012

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