A Content-First Approach to Your Events Calendar

Ah, the events calendar. One of the most ubiquitous components of a university website, and often one of the most confounding. From wrestling with feeds and technical configurations to simply getting people to use the darned thing, a calendar can be a headache. Time to schedule some Excedrin. With the right approach, though, that headache can become a valuable asset. An events calendar is not just a software application, after all—it’s a rich … [Read more...]

Content Rocks at HighEdWeb Arkansas

Last week, higher ed web professionals from the South, the Midwest and points beyond gathered in Little Rock, Arkansas, for the third annual HighEdWeb Arkansas regional conference. And the event, well, rocked. In particular, there were several sessions covering topics where content plays a vital role. We sat down with some of these speakers and asked them to share highlights from their talks. Community Engagement FTW Robin Smail, … [Read more...]

Future: Perfect! Tense?

Content is on the move! The web has been unleashed from the desktop browser, and content is spilling out onto a host of devices and consumption contexts. However, we're not always preparing our content to embrace this brave new world effectively. As with all things, a little structure is necessary to make the best of things. After HighEdWeb 2011, we called out a couple of sessions that talked about the importance of treating content as data. … [Read more...]