Why Should We Care About Your Twitter Account?

One of the things we’ve learned about managing social media is that the sooner you begin planning your social media content strategy by asking “why?” the better off your plan will be in the long run. But while we may have done a good job of answering the “why?” question internally, have we done a good job of answering our audience’s “why?” question: Why should I follow you? What will I get out of this? What content will you give me? What value will I receive?

If we don’t answer these fundamental questions for our audience, all of our careful planning will be for naught. 10,000 Words explains the value of clear calls to action in promoting our social media channels.

Having a call to action means that people will be less confused about why you’re around and why they should care what you have to say.

Source: Why Call To Action Matters in Social Media by Ben LaMothe, 10,000 Words, May 23, 2011

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