Be Interesting, Please

It’s fast and easy to create and publish content, right? Maybe, but not if you intend for your content to rise above the onslaught of emails, tweets, blogs posts and ads people are hit with every day.

Crosby Noricks of Fast Company makes the case to "think like a publisher" by referencing an Instagram photo that reads, "I’ll be interested, if you’ll be interesting." That’s the voice of our readers asking us for a reason to care about the content we create.

Noricks discusses the need to close the gap between marketing and content creation to deliver meaningful content our readers care about.

Nowadays anyone can publish, but not everyone is interesting […] Utilizing influential voices to develop and promote content can help ensure that you meet the first requirement of securing readership and viewers—be interesting.

Source: Channeling Anna Wintour: When Creating Branded Content, Think Like An Editor-In-Chief by Crosby Noricks, Fast Company, April 5, 2012

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